About the charity

The charity is through Love Without Boundaries which will help orphan kids with medical care, nutrition, education, foster care, healing homes, and child trafficking aid. Their mission is to support orphaned and impoverished kids regardless of their needs.

Who you help

Grace is a beautiful girl from rural Uganda who suffered greatly from abdominal tumors. She received two surgeries through the support of LWB and is now working hard in school. Even with all of the challenges she has faced, she is one of the top students in her class. LWB is proud to sponsor her education.

Every step I take is in place of these wonderful kids. When you see me walk think not of me, but these kids who are the ones walking. Simply because they have the ability to do great things that we aren’t aware of yet. Every 500 miles there will be a different child to show you the endless possibilities of greatness. It’ll tell you how they’ve been helped by the charity or what they need. These are the kids your help is going towards. Thank you.

“What’s your motivation?”

This charity hits me on a very personal level because I too was an orphan. I know what these kids go through. What it feels to go hungry. So much that when I went out to eat with my new family, I didn’t hesitate to eat up a spring roll. One that was just fresh with steam leaking from it, but despite the overwhelming heat I shoved it down my throat. My family could only watch in shock before they could stop me. Imagine being so hungry that you’d ignore the pain it could cause. This isn’t an “I haven’t eaten in hours” kind of hungry, but longer. Maybe days. Though life as an orphan wasn’t the greatest it still had some good moments. Memories of playing power rangers under the tables pretending to be a Megazord. Playing tag outside then finding a humongous beehive that resulted in crying. Even having a supply of crackers from this kid who I honestly don’t know how he obtained them. It was my last chance of adoption and I got lucky enough to have a family willing to call me their son. I’m utterly grateful for the opportunity given to me, but what does that mean to kids that never get that chance? I can only leave that to your imagination. That’s why I’m walking across America so that these kids get the help they need. I want to show what extraordinary things that these kids can achieve. If they just had the help and loving family to help them grow as I did. Imagine the endless possibilities. I want to be that example of possibilities. I, myself a former orphan will take on the treacherous journey of walking 6000+ miles across America. Every moment is in honor of my fellow brothers and sisters out there who just want to live life as we can. Any help is appreciative and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.