About me

My name is Miller Rohrs, born in Guangzhou, China and adopted to Michigan, United States. For the first 7 years, I was an orphan in Guangzhou where I still retain memories of life there. It wasn’t till in 2007 I was adopted by my new family in America. I’m now 19 and fresh out of High School.

Purpose: For my brothers and sisters back in China

I never forgot my origin and the people that were with me in my early stages of life. They inspired me to walk to bring attention to orphans kids and the help they need. For more info check the “About the charity page”.

Purpose: Personal motivation

For the majority of my life, I hadn’t thought about walking across America, but rather going through the parrels of this thing called “life”. Though I always knew in the back of my conscious lay the desire for freedom. Not freedom in terms of running away from people I know or the location I’m in. More so of experiencing what it feels to break away from “modern life” due to its ever-expanding effects in the growing generation. Such as the rising standards from people to be “worthy” of interaction between each other. The saying of “the have and the have nots” is true in this case yet in a twisted hypocritical sense. That being “the haves” creates the illusion of having when in retrospect we’re all standing on the same plain. When all the imaginary man-made societal titles and prestige are gone, then we’re nothing that we say we are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not innocent from this universal effect either nor am I condemning people. I’m not perfect either. Rather I feel it could very well be reflective words and I want to step outside. Become what it means to be you and only you. You should put your own shoes on not some “cool” person’s pair. The only thing you get is the wrong size. This is part of the journey to search for the right size.