2: Maryland/W.Virgina

I spy with my clenched eyes, a blinding light from some stranger’s delight. A lighthouse, I thought while spread across my sleeping pad. This beam of light continues to shine into my tent every minute as if they didn’t know someone was inside. Kids run about the patches of grass below the reflective rock. All while I try to sleep…great.

I awoke to this magnificent view of the rock-filled river.

For the most part, I walked through the C&O trail with bikers being the majority of traffic. Passing me with the complimentary traveler’s nod, yet I watch as they zoom pass gaining more ground than my measly two legs. A genuine feeling of envy that procures second thoughts. But my legs push on achieving inches by the second.

I rested here feeling the wind push through the clashing waters. A nice change compared to the hot humid day.

The days are hot leaving the bug spray on my skin to be baked on. Just even the initial start of the daily walk forces my body to secrete sweat. The very substance to bond my clothing to myself as if I’ve become the clothing. Then the long day ends with the cold but still humid environment. Giving me only two choices. Either to lay on top of the sleeping bag and succumb to cold feet, or creating a sauna within the sleeping bag. Both quite uncomfortable compared to being in ac. Regrettably and not, I chose the latter. That isn’t only what plagues my nights of slumber. Somehow I’m fortunate enough to have animals that have the need to scream all night. One even running through the campsite as I listen to their footsteps.

The sun in this picture is an accurate depiction of a fireball roasting me.

Areas with more population density cause more eyes to look upon me. I’m only guessing a look of curiosity or pity to homelessness. Though it’s not certain it seems so when treading through towns or more “busy” locations. Even as to a few looks of cringe. With shades of the American flag, I pay no mind to little meanings next to none.

Some creature had quite a meal…?

The C&O trail consists mainly of gravel roads which allow for bikers no doubt. But the tread isn’t so thoroughly maintained here and there. One section my cart enjoys an openly flat finer gravel road, then the next it’s an increase in size with rocks scattered out. Mother nature reclaims the middle lining and separates the road as if creating lanes. The cart does not enjoy this having to go through bumpy patches of greenery.

Not sure what these were used for. Maybe used during the civil war?

Time feels slower… Like an hour gets stretched to decades. This is believed to stem from knowing you have to get to a destination. Inches by inches and you look ahead to see your progress. Am I walking on a treadmill? Another feeling is the sense of the world is bigger. A momentary break to gaze towards the sky is well weird. Clouds look like they’re faster than before. The sky is ever-expanding and you stand there. Feeling like an ant. Suppose with the pacing of “normal” life can make things seem smaller. Though that’s just from my personal view.

Not sure what happened to this tree.

Is fall here yet? Why does it feel like summer just began here? Also here come Appalachian mountains!

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